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March 17, 2017

4 ways to maximize your MYSF Certification

To be a MYSF graduate means that you are certified to assist visitors with current destination knowledge about San Francisco. But there's more to being certified than that. So, if you're looking to becoming MYSF graduate – or if you are already certified and needs a reminder of some of the less obvious benefits – here are four excellent ways to maximize your MYSF certification.

Fam Event

1. Attend exclusive FAM events


MYSF isn’t just an ONLINE course that you can experience from the comfort from your home or office, it’s also a real-life experience! Graduates from all over attend FAM events involving neighborhood excursions that allow attendees to gain insider knowledge of that local area. The training only covers the top likes, dislikes, and points of interest based upon our surveys – the FAM events are a great way to expand your knowledge and become a true expert.


Check out upcoming MYSF FAM events here


2. Feed your brain with other skills


Not only can you be MYSF certified but you can also learn skills in other areas. Graduates have exclusive access to any course LearnIT! has to offer, including web design, professional development, Microsoft Office courses, and more; all for one month, FREE.


3. Employers want to know


Be proud of your certification by adding it to your resume for future employers in the tourism and hospitality industry. It shows that you care about visitor experience are up-to-date and involved with current destination knowledge about San Francisco.


4. Win prizes by collaborating with the MYSF Community 

We send the MYSF Insider to let you know what’s happening RIGHT NOW and what has changed – and in those newsletters are opportunities to tell us what you know. We're always looking for more tips to create an even more unique experience for visitors. Be a MYSF insider and give us your inside scoop so you can enter for a chance to win various prizes that include complimentary access to some of the best attractions in San Francisco!

Email your best insider tips to

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