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February 13, 2018

Best Area to Stay Near San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

If you're looking to stay in the Bay Area, but near the airport, you may want to book your room in advance to get the best deals. If you want to stay in the city, here are our best areas to stay in San Francisco.

Best Areas to Stay if You’re Looking for a Quick Break In Between Flights: Peninsula

While we always encourage visitors to explore San Francisco, sometimes you’ve got a long—but not too long—layover at SFO that makes exploring the city impossible. If you’re looking for a hotel near the San Francisco International Airport to refresh, take a nap, shower or go for a quick swim in a pool, there are plenty of nearby three- and four-star hotels with airport shuttle services. 

Find a Hotel Along the Peninsula

Best Areas to Stay if You’re on a Budget: Upper Peninsula

Even though there are popular and budget-friendly lodging options in San Francisco, you can also find great places to stay outside of the city for less. Look for a hotel just south of San Francisco, where you can find affordable and convenient lodging near the airport and close to BART. 

Find a Hotel Along the Upper Peninsula

Best Areas to Stay Near Public Transportation: Millbrae

If you are looking to stay outside of San Francisco but are planning a trip into the city, the best hotels are ones near public transportation. Millbrae is a great city, with convenient access to San Francisco by BART or Caltrain.

Find a Millbrae Hotel

Best Areas to Stay to Explore San Francisco and the Nearby Cities: Mid-Peninsula

If a trip to the Bay Area includes seeing San Francisco’s iconic sights, as well as visiting Stanford University and Silicon Valley’s top tech headquarters, such as Google or Facebook, you might want to consider staying somewhere halfway along the Peninsula. This area is mostly suburban, with many walkable downtowns, but also convenient for those planning trips up and down the Bay Area.

Find a Hotel Along the Mid-Peninsula

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