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Customize One of San Francisco’s Largest Events Spaces with Giants Enterprises

Located just across from McCovey Cove, steps away from Oracle Park, Pier 48’s expansive and historic space is only limited by your imagination.

High atop the list of the largest and most flexible event spaces in San Francisco, Pier 48 is open to endless possibilities. This impressive, industrial setting offers over 200,000 square feet of event space, with sky-high ceilings, a sprawling open-air space and, with the addition of customized window vignettes. This vintage event space displays spectacular up-close views of the Bay Bridge, City skyline and Oracle Park. This multipurpose venue is easily accessible from any direction and ready-made for colossal impact with your conference, reception, concert or gala dinner. It’s only a matter of how big you can imagine.

Pier 48 is comprised of four distinct and interconnected spaces. The two main anchors, Shed A and Shed B, are each 80,00 square feet and can be utilized in tandem or on their own. The Valley provides a dynamic element to any event with an adaptable outdoor space nestled in between Shed A and Shed B. Shed C’s 10,000 square feet compliment the adjacent spaces perfectly for production offices, staging, guest rooms and more.

For additional information including floor plans, and to request a proposal, please visit Giants Enterprises and PIER 48 online. And for more information on additional space opportunities at Oracle Park and the Mission Rock area, please visit Giants Enterprises