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August 26, 2015

Explore SF Like Locals with Spinlister

The booming tech industry and endless historic, natural and artistic attractions in the City by the Bay draw thousands of visitors to San Francisco every day. The plethora of neighborhoods tucked into this 7x7 city, each with their distinctive character, is waiting to welcome you. With bike lanes and trails connecting each one, Spinlister is the ultimate chariot to assist you in navigating the way on your unique adventure.

Yes, the infamous hills exist. They can even grow taller when you are almost at the top, but this innovative city has a solution for everyone. It will let those who want to challenge the hills do so. For those who want to relax on their vacation, two perfect options exist for you. First, rent a classic-looking electric assist bike from a peer or local designer Faraday Bicycles on Spinlister.  Now, cruise The Wiggle, the bike route that twists and turns through the hills in the middle of the city, rather than up, up and over the hills.

Come find your ultimate ride to explore SF like a true local.

Enter RIDEABOUT as a promo code on your Spinlister order, and earn a free 1st ride


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