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June 17, 2020

Help the San Francisco Tourism Industry Recover

San Francisco -- our gate is (almost) open! We invite you to help us create an exciting and powerful video to convey San Francisco’s enduring spirit and let the world know when the time is right, that our city is open to explore safely once again. While we aren't ready quite yet, you are our best ambassadors for the City by the Bay. We hope you'll be a part of this project. Send us your video clips showing how you’re enjoying the city responsibly by June 26.

How to Send us Your Video

We’ll be using Cinebody to collect videos from you! Cinebody is an app-based platform that allows you to upload your footage straight from your iPhone or computer. Just download the app and create a free account. For more information on how to use the app, check out this video: https://vimeo.com/351430101

While you can shoot within the app, you can pre-shoot and upload existing shots through the app as well. You also have the option of manually uploading shots through their website (www.cinebody.com) using your login. The app is currently not available for Android or other platforms, so you will need to use a computer to upload shots if an iPhone isn’t available. Cinebody is for uploading video footage only; it will not accept still images.

After you’ve downloaded the Cinebody app to your iPhone and created an account, please enter this join code: SFTA

Tips for Shooting with your Phone

  • Hold the phone horizontally (landscape mode)
  • When recording any sound-bites, choose a quiet location with as little background noise as possible so we can hear the speaker. Also, make sure the location is as well-lit as possible so we can see the speaker.
  • Have the speaker stand close enough that the microphone can clearly pick up what they’re saying.
  • When shooting any “b-roll” (shots that are strictly visuals and no audio -- exterior shots, signage, product, etc.), try to shoot for at least three seconds per shot so we have plenty to work with.
  • We will edit what you provide us with so it looks great! Don’t worry about trying to make it perfect. We would rather have more footage and sound-bites than we need than too few.
  • If you talk about something, try to get a shot of it! For instance, if you talk about a specific place or product, try and get some b-roll shots of it so we can show it in the video.

Suggested Shot List

  • Enjoying nature: Parks, beaches, trails, outdoor historical sites and museums, etc.
  • Dining outside at your favorite restaurant -- or picking up a takeout order for a picnic or meal at home.
  • Your favorite iconic, only-in-San Francisco landmarks, architecture, views, etc.
  • Enjoying curbside retail.
  • Golf or tennis (while keeping within the limits).
  • Practicing social distancing and wearing masks whether indoors or outdoors!

Talking Prompts

Please remember when answering these questions on-camera that the audience won’t hear the question being asked. Speaking in full sentences is important in order to provide context.

  • Say this line: Our Gate is Open!
  • Welcome visitors to the city again.
  • Tell us about what you’re most excited to see/do/eat now that businesses are reopening.
  • Encourage your local community to support local businesses.
  • Describe the perfect day in San Francisco.

The San Francisco tourism industry is a huge driver of the economy. While our beautiful city is filled with stunning icons, it is the people that call San Francisco home that is the city's biggest asset. From the bottom of hearts, thank you for your participation and for helping the city rebound. We can't do it without you.

The deadline to submit a video is June 26.

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