Jaw-some activities at the Aquarium of the Bay

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Aquarium of the Bay
June 21, 2017
Jaw-some activities at the Aquarium of the Bay

Jaw-Some Activities at the Aquarium of the Bay This Summer

The Aquarium of the Bay's 2017 Shark Week programming has ended. Please visit the Aquarium for updated event and activity schedules.

Join the Aquarium of the Bay in 2017 for summer shark fun, including Shark Awareness Day on July 14 and Shark Week, July 22-30, with special Shark Talks, activities and more. Meet sharks such as seven-gills, leopard sharks and Pacific angel sharks "face-to-fin" while uncovering the mysteries of their majesty and role within the ecosystem. You can show off your love for sharks with your very own fin-tastic “I heart shark” pins.

Sample jaw-some activities going on at the Aquarium include:

Shark Awareness Day - July 14

  • Shark Conservation Cart (11am-5pm): Chat with a naturalist to de-bunk shark myths, why we need sharks and how you can help protect them.  Touch real shark teeth, jaws and take home a special “I love sharks” pin (while supplies last)!
  • Shark Talks 11:15 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m.: Over the hundreds of millions of years that they have been on Earth, sharks have adapted to become the ocean’s most diverse yet misunderstood top predators. Now they are facing their biggest challenge, but it’s one that we can help with! Come join a naturalist for this fin-tastic presentation, see for yourselves the sharks of the San Francisco Bay, and learn how you can help save them.

Shark Week - July 22-30

Daily shark-tivities at the Shark Lab:

  • Shark Bites: There are over 400 different species of sharks, each one with a very different diet, ranging from plankton to whales. Using real shark jaws, join our naturalists to discover which sharks eat what.
  • Who Laid That Egg?: There’s nothing “primitive” about sharks. Come see real shark eggs laid by our own swell sharks and see how sharks have survived five extinctions to become top survivors.
  • Jurassic Shark: Did you know that sharks are older than dinosaurs? Learn about prehistoric sharks during this special presentation.
  • Shark Wranglers: Find out what it takes to “wrangle” a shark for research. By researching sharks in the wild, we may be able to help protect sharks and keep our marine ecosystems in balance.

Shark Awareness Day and Shark Week activities are included with paid general admission to Aquarium of the Bay, conveniently located at the entrance to PIER 39. For more information, and to purchase tickets in advance, please visit the Aquarium online.

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