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MYSF Opportunities

Become a certified San Francisco expert with MYSF, the official hospitality and tourism training program, created by San Francisco Travel and LearniT!

Every year, more than 25 million new and returning visitors come to San Francisco from all over the world. You may be the first person they meet. The impression you make and excellent service you offer will make an important difference to their visit. That's why we created the MYSF Program: to empower tourism employees by providing current destination knowledge about San Francisco.

Anyone can take the class; and since it's available online, you can take it at anytime. However, there are occassions when we'll offer live classes at locations throughout the city. Not only will you get your MYSF certification, but you'll also get to experience a particular neighborhood of the city for yourself.

Watch this space for announcements about upcoming live classes. For questions regarding MYSF, please contact our team at