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North Beach
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Pesce e Riso

Located in San Francisco’s North Beach, Pesce e Riso is an Italian restaurant with a surprising Japanese twist. Here in the heart of "little Italy," chef and owner Joe Lin creatively weaves together Italian and Japanese culinary traditions by building on the elements that unite them: simplicity and quality.

Chef Lin is a skilled sushi chef who fell in love with Italian cuisine while training with an Italian chef in Tuscany. Pesce e Riso means “fish and rice” in Italian, which are the building blocks of Japanese cuisine and lend themselves beautifully to Italian cuisine.

Pesce e Riso turns diners' expectations upside down by combining familiar Italian ingredients with Japanese-style preparations, like Tempura Misto, where Sapporo beer batter replaces olive oil in Fritto Misto; Udon ai frutti di mare, with udon noodles instead of pasta and sake miso broth instead of wine sauce; and the restaurant's signature Emilia, where prosciutto, cantaloupe, Parmigiano and white rice come together in a stunning sushi-style presentation.

Pesce e Riso

1224 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, California 94133

(415) 872-9997

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