Media Relations Contacts

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Media Relations Contacts

Thank you for your interest in San Francisco.  At the San Francisco Travel Association, we represent more than 1,400 businesses in and around San Francisco and assist thousands of media each year.  Our goal is to assist you as quickly and thoroughly as possible. 

Laurie Armstrong
Director, Media Relations U.S. & Canada
Phone: (415) 227-2615
Fax: (415) 227-2631

Elisabeth Wieselthaler-Toelly 
Director, Media Relations – International
Phone: (415) 227-2603
Fax: (415) 227-2668

Amy Finke
Associate, Marketing Communications & Media Relations
Phone: (415) 227-2681

Kelsey Bauder
Executive Associate, Tourism
Phone: (415) 227-2607
Fax: (415) 227-2668