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Nya Cruz is a performer at AsiaSF, an iconic San Francisco restaurant featuring world famous dancers. She's been performing there since she was 19. This is how she sees San Francisco.
This time around, plan to spend more time in SOMA exploring its lesser-known treasures. Here are 10 suggestions to get you started.

Every year more than 24 million new and returning visitors come to San Francisco from all over the world. You may be the first person they meet. The impression you make and excellent service you offer will make an important difference to their visit. You are vitally important. We want our visitors to have a wonderful experience and return again and again. MYSF is designed to empower tourism employees by providing current destination knowledge about San Francisco.

No weekend is ever the same in San Francisco, but it always leaves you with the same feeling. You always want more. Here's what you shouldn't miss this weekend.
Recently, Tartine Bakery was named one of the 25 bakeries you should visit before you die. While we certainly can't argue with the deliciousness of their morning buns and the long lines their country bread creates every morning, Tartine isn't the only bakery in town that is a bread winner. Here are the best bakeries in San Francisco by neighborhood (including Tartine).

We’re all different.
We have different backgrounds.
We like to do different things.
And we like to go different places.
San Francisco is a place that doesn’t just welcome our differences.
We encourage them.
We celebrate them.
We even throw parties for them.
It’s who we’ve always been.
And who we always will be.
Because no matter who you are